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Cedar Chest Portraits

I was a ten-year-old holding Mom's clunky film camera when I took my first picture. My Dad's advice helped me: "Make sure the picture is level. Center the object. Hold the camera still so that it can focus well." Click. It was only the beginning of my love for photography. As the years passed my parents got a digital Kodak. My family and the land surrounding our home became my studio for practicing photography. Then for my 17th birthday I received a Canon PowerShot from my older sister. I was very pleased with the image results of my Canon. I began saving money and purchased a Canon DSLR the following year. Presently I have been researching the different lenses, camera terminology, and business photographers.  As I grown older and see more of the world, I cannot help but focus closer and photograph the glory of God's design. 


History of the Cedar Chest
 Cedar wood is said to defer moths and other destructive insects. While traveling over sea or across the frontier many travelers used chests to protect their possessions, and for centuries youth have kept hope chests for married life. Even in ancient times, Egyptians have used cedar chests to store their treasures.
 Growing up my family had a cedar chest full of cherished pictures. I would open the sweet-smelling chest and sit looking through old photos for hours. Seeing them caused me to reflect on God's goodness to us over the years. Life is too beautiful not to capture and later remember how God has blessed! 

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