Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Unfailing Relationships

Today there are many books, websites, and standards that people use for help on dating and finding the right partner. While not all these materials are bad, does God have an example in the Bible for Christians? Yes, being the wise Father that He is, God had given us many examples. In the book of Ruth we uncover a love story of hardships and devotion. By observing Ruth's relationships, we can see that God surely has a will in how we pursue a spouse.

First and foremost, she had a secure relationship with God. She set everything aside to do what she knew to be right, even if it appeared far from her own desires. She trusted God. She followed Him to a new home, sought out a lowly job, and worked with integrity. She was not idle with what God placed before her, whether great or small. When steadfast with the Lord, she would always have a path worth persevering.

Her self-denying relationships with others was also essential in this love story. First of all she was willing to leave those she grew up with because of their wickedness. Then she committed her unknown future to abide with her unpleasant mother-in-law. Despite her situation, she did not inquire after the field men working near her. She obeyed her mother's counsel without question, and bravely explained to the master of the fields, Boaz. Her relationships with others reflected her relationship with God –and Boaz saw this.

In the end, she had an unbreakable relationship with the right man. Because of her quiet submission to God, the Lord was able to give Boaz full knowledge of her godly testimony. She expressed her circumstances to him with all honesty. Boaz, encouraged by her faith, responded with much generosity. He also was honest, and promised her that he would settle the inheritance with whom it was due, depending on God for results.

Truly, Ruth's virtuous relationships were instrumental in God's purposes of a new companion. Losing her first husband, choosing to serve her mother-in-law, and long, uncertain months in the fields could not prevent God's will; but rather, they accomplished it. God not only helped her find the right man, but He also helped her in building a relationship with him all the way. God promises to do the same for you.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wholesome Benefits of Walking

Are you discouraged with costly exercise plans? While exercising equipment is usually expensive, walking requires only time and is accessible to almost everyone. Walking is a safe, simple, and stable way to pursue daily exercise. It has also been proved that taking a walk is the most healthy physical activity. The benefits of walking are make clear by improved health, mentality, and fitness.

Walking aids in protection from illness and in the mending of it. Those who build a habit of walking are less prone to cancer, heart disease, strokes, and diabetes. Walking is also effective in conditions such as high blood pressure, unbalanced cholesterol, pregnancy, and arthritis. Certainly, there is a life-long advantage in the healthiness of walking.

Relieved stress also results from walking. Walking gives personal confidence and a sense of well being. The mind is given time to relax and collect; likewise, walking promotes better sleep. Walking stimulates the brain with stronger thinking skills and improved memory. On the whole, our mentality is of great importance because of its impact on our system.

Finally, walking establishes physical fitness. Burning calories, walking helps manage weight. Unlike running, walking is not hard on the joints while building muscles. Walking increases the energy level, enforcing motivation. Being a good steward of your body helps to develop not only physical fitness, but also life discipline.

Observing cultivated health, mentality, and fitness, we can conclude walking a profitable workout. Walking is a natural exercise worth undertaking. Although some find it difficult to begin, few regret the benefits of walking. Step out with a friend for a hearty walk today!